You Are Not Mine. 

In honor of National Poetry Day, I’m going to share one of the poems that I’ve written recently.

You Are Not Mine by Samantha Fabien

You are not mine
Dark roast with a touch of cream
Rough around the edges
Milk chocolate eyes

You are not mine
Soft, tender lips that take the edge off your warm, calloused hands

You are not mine
I must remind myself as I laugh at your jokes and take in every visually dynamic angle of your smile

You are not mine
As outsiders intrude on the bubble we created for ourselves

You are not mine
As we welcome them into the circle, the conversation, the stories

You are not mine
But I shared parts of myself with you that others have never seen
I am a map and you seemed eager to explore my peaks and valleys

You are not mine
So when we said goodbye but not properly and I felt my brain yelling, “Hurry up! This is your last chance before it’s too late!”

I said, “you are not mine”
And pretending, even for a moment, that you were was a lie


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