A Poem.

I have previously mentioned that I am tip-toeing into the world of poetry. I’ve always been fascinated by the moving capabilities of spoken word and poetry. Some are more simplistic and others have layers to peel back with every listen. I want to get there some day and with that, I must practice. So here’s a poem, I wrote last month, that currently remains without a title.

You cannot put Vicks on my mental wounds
This may frighten you
There’s no drug store cure for the sickness that ails me
My mind and I battle for the same territory
And the victor often changes

Some days are easier than others
Some are filled with warm sun beams, good coffee, good laughs
Some days are harder
Filled with a darkened bedroom
In the fetal position, choking back tears

You cannot put Vicks on this
It is not going to be that easy
These bruises on my mind require special treatment
I don’t want you to fix me
I need to do this myself

Just hold my hand along the way
Make sure I don’t stay in the dark too long
Just love me from the sidelines
While I learn to love myself.
That’s all I can ask of you.
That’s all you can do.


Presently reading


I think this is a long overdue read for me. I’ve been putting it off because I think it’s going to be a little too real for me. Been dying to experience Sylvia Plath’s startling prose so….. here goes nothing!

Not That Kind of Girl

Lena Dunham’s “Not That Kind of Girl” is a collection of personal essays regarding her childhood and what she has learned in her 30 years of life. My previous books before this were all leaning toward the memoir side whereas Dunham’s writing left me wondering if these were all true accounts or truths with exaggeratingly fictitious elements. Despite Dunham’s unmistakable voice, Dunham’s stories didn’t appeal to my taste.

Dunham speaks to a startling relatable young girl’s stream of consciousness and how it not only affected her but is constantly affecting women all over the world. Much like my feelings about Dunham herself, I am still undecided. At times, I feel as though we are kindred spirits dealing with similar anxieties, body issues and passions and then there are times that her overwhelming opinions and irrational actions annoy me endlessly (see: Odell Beckham drama). I would probably recommend this to audiences between the ages of 20-30 to writers specifically but also to anyone looking to bask in the nostalgia of their youth alongside Dunham. I purchased the book and actually may be willing to give it away to someone